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All the notes from Megan's fantastic webinar! 

Y'all, I was right. Megan's webinar is FIRE!

Learning tonight with Megan - web wiz, super mama, and genius woman!

I know Megan and I know the content she prepared, and MAN, she is a genius!

In case you don't know, Megan is a conversion-focused designer & she's incredible!

So excited for this class!

Her strategies & system truly work!


we need you.

I find it so interesting that in a time where the world feels like it is completely shutting down, the arts have soared to the surface. People tuning into virtual concerts and museum tours and finding ways to keep the arts alive for our kids at home. 🌈 Things that some call "unnecessary things in life" are blessing SO many during these uncertain days.

I know selling can feel awkward. It IS weird to navigate during this time. I feel it, too. I spent days in the tension of whether or not I should host this class or cancel launching, but there are people who need me.

And we need you. Whether or not you are an artist, if you are a small business owner, you are a creative in my book. Entrepreneurs exude creativity in their very being becuase when the going gets tough, we pull up our bootstraps, step up, and find ways to keep serving. Keep helping. Keep stimulating the economy.

More than ever right now, small businesses need to be able to fully function online & that includes sales. More than ever, your website needs to help you connect with your ideal customers and convey your strengths, talent, approach, and personality to help you make the sale on auto-pilot so your business can continue to serve and thrive now and well into the future.

We are in this together. In this free class, I'll show you how to update your website to help you increase connections and conversions so you can keep sharing your gifts and providing for you & yours. 

Captivate your ideal clients' and customers' attention in 3 seconds flat with this simple tweak you can make to your website easy-peasy.

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What you'll learn

the key to quickly stand out from the pack

Discover the 3 must-have components for a website that sells on auto-pilot that work for service and product based businesses alike!

3 must-have components for every website

Learn simple yet effective tweaks you can make to your website to increase conversions whether you know how to code or not.

simple tweaks to boost conversions

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                                     A conversion-focused website designer for creative entrepreneurs and Mama of 4!

With 8 years experience in biz running a 6 figure digital download shop, speaking at conferences, collaborating with dream brands, & booking 5 figure custom design clients, I share all that I've learned (and what I continue to learn!) about building a magnetic brand, effective marketing, and the science of conversion.








Over the past 5 years, I’ve figured out a step-by-step formula for how to

One that anyone can use even with zero graphic design or coding skills. One that works for service and product-based biz owners alike.

And I’m ready to show you how to make it happen, too!




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make your website flow and work to make you more money & close the deal on auto-pilot.

3 steps to a website that stands out and sells

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